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Status: Dead
Current: StarClan
Previous: FearClan, SpiritClan
Kit: Mistykit
Apprentice: Mistypaw
Warrior: Mistyclaw
Leader: Mistystar
Mother: Morningbird
Father: Dawnshadow
Mate: Snowfall, Braveheart
Daughters: Flowersong, Winterbreeze, Lionclaw, Stormwhisker, Berryburst
Sons Snowheart, Tigerblaze, Frecklenose
Mentor: Wintersong
Power: Speak any language
Skilled in: Fighting

Mistyclaw is a former member of SpiritClan.


Mistyclaw is a grey she-cat with blue eyes. She is very skinny, but her furry pelt hides her figure. Her tail is very short, and barley touches the ground. 


Mistyclaw is extremely friendly and caring towards those in her clan. Although friendly, it's hard for her to show true affection, this is the cause of Snowfall leaving her over fear that she no longer cared for him.


Mistyclaw was born into a clan called FearClan, and was destined to be their leader since birth. She was the only one of her litter that survived. However, the day of her birth, FearClan was chased out of the forest by DeathClan, a fierce and power hungry clan that was seeking a new place to live. The kit's parents ran her to safety and away from the battle, and they eventually died trying to protect their home. The entire clan was destroyed, many died and the few that got away were never seen again. The kitten was brought into a clan from another forest called SpiritClan, and was given the name Mistykit.

Mistypaw trained alongside Cloudpaw and Snowpaw to become warriors. During her training, Mistypaw recieved strange dreams that she couldn't explain. Not from StarClan, but her own conciousness. Upon becoming a warrior, Mistyclaw uncovered her past and began to rebuild FearClan, meanwhile the bloodiest battle in the forest was occuring. The Five clans of the forest fought against DeathClan. Territory and lives were lost, and many grieved. 

Mistyclaw was eventually  to become the leader of SpiritClan, no matter how much she didn't want to. She didn't see herself fit to be a leader. During her travel to Moonstone to recieve her 9 lives and name, a terrible rockslide blocked her path, and buried her in the process. They were never able to find her, and no one is quite sure what exactly happened.


  • Mistyclaw has had 3 litters of kits, two with Snowfall and one with Braveheart
  • Her death was possibly suicide over not wishing to becoming leader, and purposly got herself caught under the rocks.
  • She was never put on hunting patrols, her power made it very difficult to kill prey.
  • She was the only one in her litter of 3 to survive.
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